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When you need to sell your house fast in Vancouver Washington, we are here to help you fire sale it quickly. There can be many reasons as to why you need to sell, job loss, divorce, death, distressed property or perhaps you are a tired landlord; and it can often be the case that you do not want to take the traditional real estate route, spending money to improve your home value, long waits to sell on the MLS, holding costs, and high third party fee’s charged by realtors – it simply takes time and money that you cannot afford.

You might ask yourself, “how can I sell my house fast in Vancouver?” – we can provide the answer you have been looking for. We buy properties fast for cash in Vancouver Washington, we can assume the mortgage, deed the property to us, to ensure your credit improves, we can make the payments and sometimes even provide you a little extra for your transition. If you own your property, but want to sell, you can carry the mortgage in that case, we can establish a down payment and monthly payments to establish an income stream for your family. Where there is a will, there is a way – Were here to help.

It’s not just Vancouver, as we buy homes for sale in Clark County Washington and other areas. In fact, we buy houses Washington state residents need to sell, no matter where in Clark County you are.

If you need to sell your house fast, just get in touch, and we will start the process today!


My name is Lee Dean, and I am a professional real estate investor associated with New Options Property Investment & Acquisition, LLC a Dun & Bradstreet-verified real estate firm. We are passionate about providing a stellar experiences for buyers, sellers, and investors alike. We buy houses for sale Vancouver, Washington, and homes for sale in Clark County, Washington in any condition. That’s right – we buy homes in any condition in Vancouver Washington and throughout Clark County Washington.

I am a Portland, Oregon native that comes from an entrepreneurial family. Being a former student of business administration, I have a background in sales and special event planning, event conceptualization, pre-planning, planning, and post event follow up. I have worked as a fundraiser and awareness builder for events that involved: The 2002 implementation of Oregon’s Amber Alert, 79th Annual Pacific Coast Championship Tennis Tournament, 2000 Census Count, The Safeway Senior Shuttle Service of 2001, and the 2000-2001 implementation of a behavioral model targeting kids “K through 5th” in North and North East Portland area elementary schools.

Personally, I got started in the real estate industry the old fashioned way. I performed bird-dogs, drove neighborhoods, inspected burned out properties, sent mailers, scrubbed mailing lists, skip traced/reverse searched owners, and wrote offers. I was fortunate to receive mentorship from two families that were key players in the Portland real estate market. Throughout my career, I’ve learned what makes the difference between a good, and a poor customer service experience – we always strive to provide excellent customer service, consideration and place ourselves in a clients shoes.

Today, I am a successful real estate investment entrepreneur, and we buy homes in Vancouver, Washington. As a property investor, our business objective is to think outside the box by employing creative property acquisition strategies and investment techniques that create usable solutions for property sellers in trouble, liens… and must sell or those interested in liquidating.

In simple terms, this means that we buy houses and properties fast for cash in Vancouver Washington. What may seem like a problem to you can be turned into a project for us, relieving you of the problems that may be caused by foreclosures, code violations, liens, divorce, bankruptcy, death, job loss…that you just can’t handle – including fire damaged homes that are in great need of repair. If you can’t commit to getting the repairs completed, we can help you sell your house fast in Vancouver Washington, relieving the pressure you feel and freeing you from such issues.


At New Options Property Investment & Acquisition, LLC we understand the importance of equitable and fair negotiations that help us build a healthy network of satisfied clients. Clients want and deserve the most they can squeeze out of their property. We simply compile market data to determine a fair market price based on after repair value. We aim to satisfy property sellers by creating a win-win situation with mutual benefits for all parties involved. We buy your home for cash in Vancouver WA, and we will always work to ensure that sellers get the most money for their property. We consistently pay great prices for property , buying as is, – in cash – and handle all the paperwork for you.


If you want to sell your house fast in Vancouver WA, we want you to be happy with the outcome.
The goal is to create lasting relationships that support and promote collaboration. We buy houses Vancouver WA residents no longer wish to maintain. We are always looking for new ways to benefit the clients we work with, by sharing our personal advice and by making improvements to the communities where we live and work. When you sell your house fast in Vancouver WA, we want to make it the best experience possible. We always use market numbers and derive our numbers based on market averages. Rest assured we will not pull numbers out of the sky. Moreover, we are proud of our community and we are proud to serve Clark County Washington.
New Options Property Investment & Acquisition, LLC is a real estate investment firm that focuses on structuring realistic and sensible transactions, being advocates for distressed owners and community improvements. We buy houses and properties fast for cash in Vancouver WA and Clark County WA, always providing top class customer service, clear communication, fair cash offers and delivering a fair deal to every party involved. We’d love to help you sell your house fast in Vancouver WA, so get in touch with us today to get started. If you want to sell your house fast in Vancouver WA, we want you to be happy with the outcome.

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